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Dagens Nyheter
Tata Nano, India
One billion Indians.
Indian wine industry.
Dalits in India.
India is drowning in garbage.
Asia's fires are a threat for the climate.

Dagens Nyheter
Sadness and anger after terrorattack.
After the terror attacks in Bombay.
Indian Muslims are worried after terror attacks.
Critisism after terror attack.
The palace is neighbor with the shed.

Dagens Nyheter
Recession hits India's poor.
Terrorism and security, important election subjects in Bombay.
Travel guide to Bombay.
Haircut for 4 SEK.
Projects for the climate.
The Indian election is decided in the villages.

Dagens Nyheter
Tibetan refugees in India.
Mr and Mrs Singh, the winners when India's economy is growing.
Lena Falk owner of Pink India in Bangalore.
Indian IT business.
Indian car market.
Vahid Berenjian returns to Sweden as the King of Pizza
Dalai Lama's direction lead nowhere.

Dagens Nyheter
India 60 years, Chandigarh the city of future.
Bollywood star for a day in Bombay.
The parents choose the wife for their son.
Business men prefer a home cooked lunch by their wives.
India's population is going to be the largest in the world.

Soffsurfa, couch surfing.
Aftonbladet Annual Report 1998

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